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New Students

Make a connection with a professor or staff member who will provide:

    • Assistance developing a road map to graduation
    • Information regarding resources on campus
    • Strategies to foster a successful and memorable experience @SJSU

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New Mentors

Become a mentor for undergraduate college students:

  • Provide guidance regarding a path to graduation
  • Share knowledge and insights regarding campus resources
  • Inspire a student to succeed: share your story
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This project is supported through the Project Succeed: Title III Strengthening Institutions Project at SJSU which is funded through the U.S. Department of Education (P031A140081).


home screen for registering

"How to Register for mentorcommunity@ sjsu"

Check out the quick how to for registering to be a part of mentorcommunity@sjsu

How to Edit Your Profile:

Quick Video P2: How to Edit Your Profile

How to Search for a Mentor

Quick Video P3: How to Search and Match with a Mentor

mentoring in action

"Reaching out to people you don’t know can be terrifying however, I have learned that I am surrounded by faculty and staff that want me to succeed."

Here one mentee's story...

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Spring Office Hours for mentorcommunity@sjsu end the last week of the semester

mentorcommunity@sjsu Intern, Janelly Ruiz, is here to help you find a faculty/staff mentor. She is excited to be sharing a space with SSC in the Peer Connections Room 610. Janelly's office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am-12pm and Thursdays from 2:00-4:00pm. Stop on by to learn about the program, ask questions, get assistance registering, finding and learning how to reach out to your faculty/staff mentor! Individual appointments can be made to accommodate your schedule email us at

student intern, Irma helping student to search for a mentor on-line

mentorcommunity@sjsu Demonstrates Mentoring on the Go

mentorcommunity@sjsu Intern, Irma Guardado finds a moment during a break at dance rehearsal for a Día de los Muertos Performance to show fellow student, Nora Ramirez how to register, search and find a mentor. They are all smiles when Nora saw how simple it was to register, complete her profile and peruse the diversity of mentors. The vey next night Nora was matched with her faculty/staff mentor. Register today!

Sp '17 Launch Flyer

mentorcommunity@sjsu Open House: drop by 2/14 or 2/16 between 9am-noon

Students, Faculty & Staff, drop in to ask questions, learn more and register on site for the mentorcommunity@sjsu mentor program.

Drop by anytime between 9am - noon on either:

Feb. 14: CL 100 G or Feb. 16: CL 100H

Questions: email