Make the Most of mentorcommunity@SJSU

Mentoring works best when both students, faculty/staff put in the time to make it successful by being open-minded, respectful and living up to the expectations they set for the relationship. Keep in mind that mentorcommmunity@sjsu is a student-driven program, meaning that it is up to you to initiate each part of the process.

Finding a Mentor

The program mentorcommunity@sjsu is open to all undergraduate students (preference is given to freshmen). It is easy to get started.

  1. Register online.

  2. Attend or watch an on-line short video orientation.

  3. Complete your profile, search the online database and request a mentor. We don’t match you with a mentor, but you can search for mentors based on a multitude of search criteria. Once you request a mentor, he/she has the option to accept or decline. Mentors are asked to respond within 3 days, but if you do not hear back within 2 weeks, consider canceling your request and finding a new mentor in the database.

  4. Once matched, YOU make the first contact, and continue working with your mentor for the next semester.

  5. At the end of the session, the mentoring match will be released, and you may re-register with the same mentor or request another mentor.

Tips From Other Students

Establish Expectations and Goals. Do you want academic or personal advice? How often, and when, do you want to meet?

Don’t Get Discouraged. If a mentor does not accept your request it is most often because the mentor realizes that he/she is too busy or he/she feels it wouldn’t be a good match. Try again!

Be Proactive and Consistent. Contact your mentor as soon as you are matched, and stay in regular contact.

Think About What You Want and Make It Personal. Write down your questions in advance of meetings, and ask for personal stories.

Check out the Video Resources page in order to get started!

If you have any questions, please contact or

Adapted from Stanford Alumni Mentoring Program, BEAM, Stanford Career Education

Mentoring is a two-way street. You get out what you put in.

-- Steve Washington

The Tommie Smith and John Carlos sculpture at San Jose State University

The Tommie Smith and John Carlos sculpture at San Jose State University